Marc Audi, Centre d’Economie de la Sorbonne Universite Paris 1; BAU - Beirut Arab University, Lebanon

Published in

Volume 19, Issue 2, p5-24, June 2019


Being the role model of the entire Islamic world, Saudi government has a dire need to introduce some new socioeconomic and political ideologies which bind masses under the umbrella of the Kingdom. Under such scenario, Crowned Saudi Prince introduced the Saudi vision-2030. In one single study, it is impossible to cover all the parts of vision-2030. Therefore, this study chooses some social indicators, and empirical analysis which social objective leads the others. Long life is the prime objective of human beings, so Saudi Arabia also includes this objective in its vision-2030. This paper is based on time series data from 1970 to 2016. PP and ADF unit root tests are used for analyzing the stationarity of the data. Johansen and ARDL methods of co-integration are used for empirical relationship among variables. The ultimate objective of this study is to find the direction of the relationship between the variables. Causal relationship is not explained by the Johansen co-integration or ARDL methods, as we are also not focusing on short run and long run relationship as well. So, for causality between variables, Granger causality test, VECM Granger causality test and Toda Yamamoto causality tests are used. The empirical results of the study suggest that if Saudi government wants to achieve average long life, it should enhance women education and urbanization at the same time. For women education, Saudi government must create urban sense among the masses at a large scale. Empirics reveal that Saudi Arabia has around 26 percent urban population. Technically, it is not possible for the government to increase urbanization so fast. But for the success of social targets in vision-2030, instead of fast growth in urbanization, culture of urbanism is created among mass. For this, the government should arrange some seminars, workshops and rallies aiming to enhance urbanism among the masses. For the success of Saudi vision-2030, urbanism is the main perquisite for Saudi government.


life expectancy, urbanization, women education

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